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Welcome to Thrifted Gems
Welcome to Thrifted Gems!
Thrifted Gems was born out of my love for fashion, and at the time being a student, my budget. I am an avid 
shopper but sometimes my budget would not allow me to pay department store prices for clothing I had my eye on. I had to get my fashion fix, and needed a way to stay fly on a dime. My friend and I would take boring afternoons and turn them in to adventures scouring our local thrift stores for hidden gems; deals, artwork, clothing, jewelry ect. An obsession was born, and I could not get enough of hunting for treasures, anywhere I could find them.
While shopping, I always found items that were not my size and would think about a person I knew who could wear 
that item. From there I began to have a vision about shopping and styling people who did not have the patience to 
thrift, or never realized there were so many treasures to be found in the thrift stores, consignments stores and second hand shops. The evolution of that idea has born Thrifted Gems, an online thrift boutique, catered towards current trends and name brand fashions. My vision is to give you consignment store prices without the burden of digging through trash to find your treasure!! Wallah! The Gems have been found for you already.
Thank you for visiting this site, you are now one step closer to finding your Gems.
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